Blog Review – The Hungry Runner

I’m a runner, and enjoy food, so naturally I chose to review the blog

The blog is about Janae and her experiences running, her diet, her daily routine, and about her daughter. What I love about her blog is how inspiring she is, but at the same time how she is human. She has a love for running, like I do, so that makes her content very interesting to me. She has ran marathons and gives tips and tricks based on what she knows and what she has learned. I love how it’s not an intimidating blog, she inspires the everyday couch potato, and at the same time, inspires the marathon runner.

Today, she started off her blog by telling us what her workout routine was for the day. She says she ran 9 miles at an 8:05 pace, which is very impressive. She gave a little more detail on her workout and then posted a picture of her and her little girl. Pictures are very important for blogging. The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” really is true.  Looking through her blog post today, there were six pictures total. She is consistent in showing pictures in all of her blog posts.

She also talks about the food she eats, including dessert. I love that she embraces that she does not have a perfect diet. I agree with her completely, because it’s okay to treat yourself! She also answered a question, “What are some more ‘one percenters’ that we can do to make our running better/stronger/faster?” She answers this question in many ways. She says it can improve by yoga, by drinking more water, by eating better, and to do strength training. She also answered the question herself, saying that she struggles with cutting out soda.

Janae ends her blog by asking the parents a question, “what do you do to be able to get outside for a run?” and she already has 47 people who commented on her blog. I like that she poses a question to a particular audience, but could that discourage other people who aren’t moms from commenting?

I think this blog is successful mainly because of her personality. She loves running, but embraces her flaws. She wants to inspire other young moms to get fit and know that they can do it.

To honor the theme of running, today I am leaving you off with a personal note. These pictures are of medals I received this year after running two half marathons. I would show you a picture of me actually running… but, I promise, you don’t want to see that. I’ve taken a break from running long distance recently, but if I read an inspiring running blog every day I may change my mind…


What do you think makes a blog successful? Also, for any fellow runners, what do you think of her blog and the content?


4 thoughts on “Blog Review – The Hungry Runner

  1. Great job on all of those medals! Im trying to get into a workout routine, but I didn’t think about running since it’s been so hot! Maybe I’ll just tough it out. I love this girl’s blog- she seems so friendly and fun.
    -demilyavis2 #GCweb15

  2. This seems like such a cool and motivational blog to follow! It is nice to see a fitness blog that focuses more on fitness than on body-image. It should be about feeling good, not how you look! I agree that pictures make a successful blog because they give the reader a visual to go with the words; it makes it more personal. Additionally, I think tagging keywords and enabling link backs is a great way to enable SEO and therefore attract more attention to one’s blog. Great post and I look forward to checking out more of her blog posts!


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