Try Thinking Before You Speak

I’ve worked in retail for about three years now. I’m currently an employee at Belk. When you work in retail for so long, you interact with customers, some nice and some not so nice. I could tell you all about them on this blog, but today, I’ll just focus on one customer interaction.

Yesterday, a woman at work asked me “When are you due?” Yes, she just asked when am I expecting a baby. I went silent, I acted like I didn’t hear what she said. She asked again. I responded “I’m not pregnant”. She then said “I guess you just have a little tummy on you”. She didn’t even apologize. That’s two insults. Since I am representing Belk, I had to suck up a smile and move on to the next customer as if nothing had happened. In case you are wondering if I do look pregnant, here’s a picture of me in the outfit I was wearing yesterday.


Am I screaming pregnant to you? I hope not.
This is ridiculous for many reasons:
1. I’m not pregnant.

2. Just don’t. You shouldn’t ask if someone’s pregnant, unless you are 110% sure that they are.

3. You are a stranger. Even if I was pregnant, I don’t know you personally at all. It shouldn’t matter to a complete stranger whether or not I’m pregnant.

4. It is extremely rude and insulting. I am confident with my body, but even after she said that, the first thing I thought was “wow, I really need to go to the gym”. This should not happen. I should not look down on myself because of your comment.

5. Other consequences. If it was someone more insecure of themselves, that could lead to an eating disorder. One comment from a stranger could lead to an eating disorder. Have you heard of body insecurities? Yeah, that’s a thing because of comments like these.


What’s even worse about this incidence is that it’s not the first time it’s happened. A couple months ago, a customer asked me if I was pregnant and when I responded with no she then decided to tell me it would be a great dress if I was pregnant. She didn’t apologize either. I haven’t wore that dress since that incident. A stranger had that effect on me. That is ridiculous.

I’m not one to rant about things, but I hope everyone that reads this will not go around asking people if they are pregnant. Please don’t be one of them. 

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